Thursday, April 30, 2009

A big treasury thank you!

GO TEAM! I was featured in this Etsy For Charity Team Treasury this week by valeriesgallery. Valery chose my Red Glass Pendants Links Connectors Set for this Treasury which shows the diversity of our team.
Here it is 8am and I'm already thinking about a glass of wine this evening... It will be nice. I love this Knit Wool Wine Bottle Cozy or Gift Bag - Adirondack Summer by valeriesgallery

My Big and Beautiful Wheel thrown Cabochon was featured in Daoine's Rainbow treasury this week. This cabochon has been featured in treasuries quite a few times! I love that little house piece next to the baby!

I have admired Daoine's photos on Flickr for some time. I like to think of warm Spanish Breezes and day dream myself away to Barcelona. Check out this Double Starry Night Necklace

My Sticks and stones Rocky Boho Necklace set was featured in this Bead Hive team treasury as well as my Amber and Blood Red Donut Pendant
Does anybody else out there go crazy for bead shots like this? Check out these sparkles! Oh So Beautiful... Sparkly Ametrine Faceted Full Briolette Drop beads 17.5ct 10 beads set in OMGTourmaline's etsy shop

This Bright and cheery treasury happened on a very bright and sunny day! They call me mellow yellow... BaileyBowls featured my Here comes the Sun Pendant Necklace I will certainly be singing today!

Visit BaileyBowls etsy shop and while your there check out her wonderful kitchen creatures like this Owl with Tree (Salt and Pepper Shakers) They look like such good friends!
Again Thanks so much for thinking of me and adding my work to these wonderful treasuries! I love the feeling of finding my work featured with so many wonderful artists! :-)


  1. Wow, congratulations on the treasuries. Great photos, really enjoyed them all.

    Thank you so much for following me:)

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my wine bottle cozy! And your welcome for the treasury pick.. it was perfect in the grouping.

  3. And well deserved treasuries they are. Your stuff is awesome.

  4. Thank you soo much Kristie!
    Your work is really beautiful!


  5. Kala thanks for visiting :-)

    Valerie- Thank you :-)

    Amy- awe shucks, you made me smile :-)

    Noelia- Thank you :-)

    Thanks for commenting! Now I feel like I'm not just writing to myself, LOL :-o


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