Sunday, April 26, 2009

New goodies in store!

What a crazy week this has been! It started off with family, with my mother in law winding down her visit from California this week and is ending off with more family in the garden.
In between all this visiting I did manage to get a lot of fresh work fired and today I will be packing a big box of goodies for Bead Fest Wire in Valley Forge, Pa next weekend. Ask for my work at Joan Miller's Booth.
I don't know how much space she will have, but she is sure to have a loaded box of mine under her table! Joan's work amazes me! I am so happy to be with such an awarded and talented and friendly artist!

Here are some new pieces in my etsy shop! I just added them this week and I have the feeling I will be adding some new blues later today... Keep checking back!

I have been laying the groundwork for a lot of new and fabulous work these past couple of weeks and have been a little behind in getting everything photographed and listed..... Sooo, Don't be shy! As my favorite repeat customers know; If you want to see something special all you have to do is ask!
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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