Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What's new?

It has been a really long time since I've done a "what's new" blog post!
I don't know, maybe some of you came for the beads instead of the family pictures..?
Nah!  Anyway, I promise to share with you photos both of my current creative projects as well as beads actually available in my etsy shop!
     My friend Debra, picked up my trunk show at Azillion beads and spent 2! hours packing it up for me and mailed it back.  Seriously!  Where would I be without a friend like her. 
Not just for packing my beads.... but I feel so lucky to know such a kind, good person who actually understands the way I think. She listens and agrees or disagrees but she doesn't judge my crazy thoughts and she loves me for me. There is hope! It is possible! Now if only we didn't live across the country from eachother....anyway... things have been tricky around here and I am really thankful for the awesome people in my life :-)
 What's new? I put some work in my potter's group's saggar fire this weekend.  I probably threw 75 beads in the fire.  They won't be done for a while, but I'll post pictures as soon as I get them back.  This photo is my friend Kim's pot after it has been sprayed with a ferric cloride solution. 
I'm always reminded of the crazy chemists in all us potters of the group.
This fizzing concoction is called swamp juice and is made from ingredients found at the Farm store and Lowes.  It fizzes when first mixed and everyone dips or spoons their work into it while it is fizzing to get interesting sponging and bubbling designs on the fired pot. 
Circle 4

Copper wire makes reds and linear patterns when fired
Sawdust makes the much needed smoke for colorful chemical reactions....
Seaweed for salt and minerals along with smoke and linear patterning...
And pack it up like a baked potato and pack it in the kiln
I think I will be attending more Potter's Echange Events this year since I have decided to do trunk shows verses live shows.  This is a good thing, since our group is always hosting learning and sharing events and it really helps me to expand my work. :-)

And the hosts always seem to be giving from the garden too.  Last event everyone went home with tomato plants.
Air travel and taking off of my office job once a month for the past two months has taken a toll on my Etsy listing and my blogging frequency.    
I have a few neglected yet patient shop owners calling me (multiple times) and asking for more work. I get a little cranky with monkey's on my back,

So, after preparing my work for the saggar fire, I got to work throwing new Donuts and pendants.  I had a couple of requests for a donut similar to one that sold quickly earlier this month.  I also have been noticing the jewelry that I love to wear and I notice that quite a few of them are large, dramatic, pendants.  I made some really large and dramatic pieces.  Do what you love, right?

Sonya always needs to throw too.  She loves it.  I helped her a bit with this mini pitcher.

I filled all the bats in my studio on Saturday and came back and filled them all again on Sunday.  I even have one shop that sells my pottery.  I do this to keep me grounded though I don't think it could ever be my focus.  Pots aren't my natural love, but it is a really awesome skill that I would like to improve on.

   On Monday I made molds of a few of the large thrown pieces...and in order to do so, I had to clean the attic.... and in doing so , I found my tile molds..... and so then I was compelled to pour them... and the night before I was up til 3am getting to know a new friend...and since I was up and running at 7am.... I wanted to curl up in a ball a lot of the time.  But I still was compelled to do more. I cleaned the molds, I cleaned the tiles... I just didn't make it to making buttons yet.  
Sunshine art
Starshine's art-- watch out world
So-- all the beads shown here have been added to my etsy shop this week. 
What do you think?  What would you like me to make while I am in my production blitz?  


  1. Wonderful pieces! I love the Shades of Blue Cab and the smokey squares.

  2. Great post! Hope your energy level doesn't crash anytime soon...loving the work you're coming up with. I think the pineapple combo is my fave...different from the blues I'm used to! Have fun!

  3. Holy cow! Are you tossing back Red Bull or Monster drinks to keep this up? :) That first cab is just divine!


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