Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Philly Art Museum, Roberto Capucci, Kids

The family and I went to the Philly Art Museum on Sunday.
It was family day and the last day of the Roberto Capucci- Art into Fashion-- Exhibit.
I love how brightly painted the outside of the Art Museum is right now.
My Starshine dressed to impress wearing her new hair feathers, a 1960's plastic flower clip, a Staci Louise Originals Necklace, red sequined-black fishnet dress, pink sweater with a fur collar, silver ring and pink flowered flip flops....That's my girl.
There was a bike race around the museum and free "Family Fun Zone"
We ate our picnic under this statue on the lawn.
It was a beautiful warm day.
I finally got her to smile. 

 obsessed with fiber these days
No cameras were actually allowed in the Capucci Exhibit... Color.... pleating.... sculpture in the form of dresses....   more color... more pleats.... Thinking on "creative masterminds"  and "teams of skilled artisans"  I think I could use a team of skilled artisans.  What felt like very industrial forms-- yet always inspired by nature.... hmm....
He did the sell the styles to the catalogs and the masses thing for a while in the 60's, then eventually switched to pretty much unwearable "Sculpture Dresses" @2000

I just noticed that a fella I used to know while I was in high school is having a show in Bangkok this month.    What was one weird dude.  One very interesting yet weird dude.  My mom used to call him "Prince"  Fun times.  Perhaps I should be embracing my weirdness more..... maybe I am, maybe you already thought I was kind-of weird ;-) 


  1. Looks like an awesome trip! And I totally support embracing your inner weirdness as much as possible! :)

  2. LOL LOVE the fashionista stance! ...and yes I agree economy stinks we should all embrace our wierdness!


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