Monday, June 6, 2011

Goodbye Friends, Goodbye Oregon Coast

The day we left the beach I was up early and decided to go for a walk alone on the beach.  I took my new book, "Ceramic Jewelry" by Joy Bosworth but I did not really read much.  I sat on a log and listened to the ocean, I watched the sand crabs(maybe they are called sand flees) jump and walk around on the sand.  I was deep in my head and deep in the vastness of the ocean.
I walked all the way down to the jetty and watched the water come up to the rocks and fill the tide pools.  I stayed for a long time and listened to the rocks move. 
I found the sound to be these barnacles.  I also saw some Gooseneck Barnacles...
I know they were Goooseneck Barnacles because while flying home I realized that there was an article in my copy of National Geographic on the "Brimming Pools" of the Pacific northwest.  Lucky me!
I was sad to leave and not ready to come back to work and family.  I really enjoyed my freeness.  My friends don't have children and I enjoyed being able to come and go and do whatever we pleased.
I know.... I love my kids, I often say that I have the 2 best jobs and the best bosses that I could possibly have, but I could not help but feel tinges of jealousy for my friends who are free to pack up and move often, and not be so scheduled and responsible as I have become in my life as a parent and wife and home owner and business owner....At the time, I could have stayed on vacation for at least another month.

It's a grass is always greener situation.  I know some of them wish they had children to worry about and husbands and wives....    I am young and I had a family young.  They are getting older and hope not to miss their chance for children.
On our way back to Eugene, we drove up the coast and checked out the coastal towns.  We stopped at the Tsunami Gallery on HWY 101... This lady seemed to be struggling in the wind.
with her pile of books....
one last look at the ocean... at "The Driftwood"
And then shopping for souvenirs for my 2 darling daughters.  A dog whistle for my Sunshine.  Hair feathers and a belly dancing belt for my Starshine.

I am almost back to normal again. I am trying to get the rebellion out of my spirit. I did have to run off to see some live music and laugh til I cried with one of my favorite girl friends on Friday night and then go to the Philly Art Museum on Sunday.  Today is Monday and I am back to the things I need to do.  Give the dog a haircut, make buttons, schedule trunk shows (through September), plan for the last Girl Scout meeting of the year, rehab the veggie garden from my absence, and it turns out a few friends signed me up for a show on the 18th.....

It was a good trip.  I do deserve time off. 
My ambition is usually a little out of control and my friends often shout at me to relax more.
Then again.... a trip to any art museum usually sets off the ambition again...but I love what I do, and I have the 2 best bosses ever... ;-)

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