Sunday, June 5, 2011


Rumor was that we could get in the cave in the distance. The instructions were to walk around the old naval base and find a path cut out of the cliff and there it would be.  People told us that the navy used to use the cave for submarines.  We were sceptical.
This is us.  Debra, Kurbis and myself. (Kurbis is all fancy and working on a sculpture show in Paris this January--and Deb and something like 4 other friends are going to hang around southern Europe for a month and a half while this is going on. I am seriously jealous about the vacationing part.  I wish I could tag along)
We walked up and around and then there it was, the path down the cliff.  It was all wooded and zig zagged and then we came upon this ledge full of  sea birds.
Turn hard to the left and there it was!
I kind of thought we wouldn't find it for some reason.
It was really great!  It was carved into the cliff.... everyone said it was to launch submarines, but it was pretty small for Subs.
It was long and dark and we used our flashlights while inside.
And climbed down a rope on the other side.
And then we decided to walk across slippery sea weed covered rocks to get to the next cove......2/3's of us went down twice each..... and got themselves very wet and slightly hurt..... maybe it was 2 miles back to camp....But we were in a good place and we almost wet out pants laughing at ourselves.

OK-- I didn't fall in.  But they did think I was pretty funny for using all my limbs while climbing the wet rocks. 
What an awesome time!  To laugh like that!  To hike for hours!  It was great!

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