Monday, March 21, 2011

What's new?

Double sided Blue Burst Pendant/Connector
Things finally settled down around Artisan Clay land and I was able to get a few new beads listed in the etsy shop this evening.  
With such a busy spring, It feels like I've needed to square away a lot of details this week in order to keep it all running smoothly.  It seems like squaring things away has included tons of time emailing and phone calling and working out schedules with a lot of people.
I booked plane tickets for 6 to go to Kansas City for Easter weekend, and I booked a plane ticket for myself to run away to Oregon for a week in May.  It feels great to have that all settled.  I almost have all the arrangements made for my children while I am away. 
I still don't have a Oregon Trunk show lined up, but I am talking to someone.... I mailed beads out to Kansas City on Friday and I got word today that they have arrived. 
Blue and green Flattened oval
Some of you that know me on facebook might know that I have a Girl Scout troop for my 2 daughters.  This weekend we went on our first camping trip.  The girls are mostly in second grade and my younger daughter is in kindergarten.  It was crazy this week trying to figure out what I needed to do to get ready for a camping trip with 10 little girls....  Because I never would have thought that I would at this place in life, but I am.
I am trying very hard to do a lot for my daughters this year.  I have done fine art and bead shows since I was pregnant with my oldest and that made me very unavailable for them on the weekends.  This year I am trying very hard to do my work in a way that also lets me do things for them socially....

  I am really lucky to have been matched up with a wonderful lady as co-leader.   We are just there to build some positive happy little ladies and give them some tools for life :-)  and just let them be them :-)  And they are so freaking cute in their bunks keeping each other up at night and cleaning latrines and cooking for each other and roasting marshmallows.  It's been a real learning experience for me.  I am learning a lot about different personalities.  There are 2 girls who are always appearing right by my side.  My co leader is a therapist-- so that really helps!  I'm often asking her what to do with the kids emotional issues and she is so great for building them up.
We are taking the Girlies out next month for a 2 night camping trip.  This time it will be all the Girl scouts in our area at the camp at once.  There will be @250 ladies there and we are supposed to run an activity for all of them.... with the theme of Colombia....
And that is when I started emailing with my Zumba instructor trying to hire her to work all of that out for us......  It turns out there are a few traditional Colombian dances.... Because... what the heck are we to do with 250 kids running through an activity station in a day.  Yeah... I'm not really sure about that one.  I may be MIA around the end of April while I try to figure that out.
Side 2 of Bronze Pendant
Our troop was also asked to start seeds for a veggie garden that we are supposed to plant for our local food pantry... I don't know how that is going to work out either.  Wish me luck! and if you have any tips PLEASE let me know :-)   I have not had much success starting seeds indoors in the past.
So -- this explains why I have been a neglectful blogger these past months.  Planning trips and trunks shows and doing the things I can for my girls. 
I still haven't planted my early spring veggies in my own garden.  I did get a few potatoes in the ground and I moved my strawberries to a sunnier location, but I still need to figure out how to trellis my peas so that I can get them started.
So that's what's new!  Life!  Family! 
Do you plant any early veggies?  Which ones? 

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  1. Girl...250 of them all at once! haaaaaa You must be out of your mind! But, it's all fun when it comes down to lovin' on your girls, I'm sure.

    Have fun!!!



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