Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Beads...join us

So..... With all this design team talk, you might be curious what beads the team will be working with this month.
Here they are!  I fired this batch of beads over the weekend and on Monday the team members each picked a piece to work with.
They are all fired in a yummy metallic Bronze glaze.  I have been in LOVE with this glaze lately!
I am SO EXCITED to be able to see it in action on our reveal day. 
I added a bunch of these new pieces to the etsy shop last night....and some will go into my trunk shows in Oregon for May..... 
So.... here are the beads that the team will be working with.  They are all out in the mail service right now headed to their new owners.
 Our reveal day is the last Friday of April and I would like to invite YOU to join us! 
Maybe you have some Artisan Clay beads hanging around your beads stash just waiting for their moment to be worked with.... maybe you like to have a deadline, goal, challenge.....?   I invite you to use your Artisan Clay beads in a design this month, blog about it and on April 29th add your link to our reveal party! 

Make something or not, please join us for the fun at the end of the month!

feel free to contact me via my etsy shop or via email artisanclay (at) if you have any questions   ... :-)


  1. Hey, Kristie, do you have a "button" or something we can put on our blogs so we can "advertise" the Design Team?

  2. Wow, those are splendid:) I see a few lariats with ArtisanClay focals in the future... Can't wait to see what your awesome team comes up with!

  3. gorgeous components those designers get to work with!

  4. Sounds exciting, and cool beads to work with, too!


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