Monday, July 5, 2010

New Decal Links and Pendants!

I unloaded the kiln today.  I have finally got back around to trying some of the decals I started early this spring when I took a workshop on the subject.  This photo is the finished pieces after their third kiln firing.  Notice the decals have turned slightly brownish/sepia after firing.

I almost forgot to take a "before" photo.  Here they are as I was walking them out to the kiln shed to be fired.  Here they are dark black.  The firing burns off some of the ingredients of the printer ink and leaves the iron of the ink behind.... Iron is usually a brownish/reddish color when used as a ceramic colorant.
I love the summer!  I love my garden! I couldn't help taking a photo on my way to load the kiln ;-)  (There is my abused apple tree I mentioned last post)  -ok -ok back to the beads ---
I don't know if you remember, but just after my Decal workshop I did a post about the workshop and said I would share my results...... and my kiln promptly broke during the decal firing.  These are the pieces that were in that kiln load.  The kiln never shut off and totally over fired at that time.  The decal is mostly burnt off and missing in spots.  That is not what I was going for, I just put the photo in for educational purposes :-)

Here is the original blog post on the workshop--

I did not buy my decal paper myself, nor print it.  I was able to print a few of my prepared designs on the instructor's printer during the workshop.   I believe that the decal paper was @ $1 a sheet, or it can be printed for you from some website.  I have not looked into that yet...... But I am almost out of decals ;-(


  1. I like the kiln shed!

    And the new pieces are awesome~!

  2. This is exciting!
    I really like the decals when they are fired.

    Your garden is beautiful, what a lovely trip to the kiln!

  3. These look so completely awesome!!! I'm so glad your second try was more successful:) And you certainly do have a lovely garden!!!


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