Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Taters! :-)

I had the pleasure of eating the first of my potatoes this week.  This is only the second year that I have planted potatoes.  Growing food always amazes me.  I have found it to be so much trickier than I used to think.  I read and read and read about growing food.

 I have a peach tree that magically appeared in my yard ;-)  This year hubby maimed the apple tree with his excitement over borrowing a chain saw from a friend-- no apple pie, no apple butter, no apple sauce this year.   And this year my mom and I have 2 community garden plots across town.... cause we fantasize about living in a self sustaining way.  We have started growing mushrooms in the shady parts of the yard and for the first time we dried our sour cherries for using in muffins this winter.    Not bad for a tenth of an acre on sidewalked streets  :-)  

The taters make me very happy :-)

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  1. Not a meal with out taties! My hubby says if I can make taties as a pudding he will marry me! lol


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