Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Up so Early!

I find myself awake way too early this morning.  Everyone is still sleeping away and my body is asking me what I was thinking.
Yeah, I was thinking that I get to unload the kiln this morning! 
Here's the bisque load from Saturday.  My daughter made a pile of Butterfly pendants because she's going to make a "ton of Money"  and buy some glitter shoes or help our neighbor buy a kitten, LOL  What a cutie!
Here are a few glazed beads and buttons made from Low Fire clay
And here are a few new pieces made from white stoneware and porcelain clays.  This is today's new work.  Funny how I like to mix it up so much.  It is hard to tell what clay it was made from in the end, but it moves differently when it is wet.
Here's some bright red stuff.... I was going for another Margie Deeb Fall/winter combo Lipstick red and a golden yellow/orange color whose name escapes me...

Still working away to get ready for Bead Fest Philly!   I will be downstairs in a big old corner booth across from the Artisan tables.  I still don't know how I am going to set up my display.  I will have to get to work on that :-)

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