Sunday, July 18, 2010

New work

Soooo, I glaze fired some new beads.  Margie Deeb's Colors reports come so very highly reccomended and I saw that the Fall/winter one was just released as I was sipping my coffee and trying to rack my brain about what colors to use for my fresh work....  So, it was meant to be.  I bought myself my first color report and printed it right up and out to the kiln I went.  I only have cetain colors in my studio and it was hard to match some of the colors that Margie suggested, but I think I came pretty close to finding a match for the Woodbine, Lagoon, and Endive colors.  What do you think?

Also good news on my hurt thumb.  It healed up enough that I can use a few different bandaging products and throw for a few minutes at a time.  :-)  This makes me feel better about my plans.... because I am able to work again!    I certainly was scared when I wasn't able to do anything.  At least now I can work.............  and I am not sitting on my hands :-)

How are you this fine day?


  1. Glad to hear you are on the mend. Look forward to seeing you and your gems in August.

  2. I LOVE what you've done with Woodbine, Lagoon, and Endive! What a beautiful combination! It thrills me to see people's creativity with the seasonal colors. Thank you!

  3. Love the work but sorry about the thumb!


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