Thursday, June 24, 2010

Heather's Soup Reveal!!!

Hey all you Super Soupers!!! 
Yesterday was Heather's turn to reveal her Bead Soup creations!!!

I sent Heather a pretty big pile of beads.  It seemed only fair since I already had a gifted stash of hers on my design desk :-)   I am so glad I did!  Look at all these beauties!

For these last 2 Heather used my favorite beads of the stash... (OK, maybe I have a few more favs)
I really really love how Heather used this sprocket disc!  I love all the metal!  I have been thinking about adding more metal to my bead stash....  Perhaps when I go to Bead Fest Philly in August I can find some fun chain :-) 

Isn't this just the prettiest necklace!  I love how the branches shape the body of the necklace.
Thanks Heather!!!   I just love seeing what you made!  I think our beads look great together!

My reveal is on the last day of the party.... Good thing since I haven't been able to really crack down and get my head straight about what I want to make...  So many ideas with Heather's beautiful beads.  I want to use them all, and make one show stopper, but that is trickier than it sounds....  and I am having a really tough time narrowing down which beads to use, since they all match so beautifully! 
I'm best at the last minute anyway :-)   I think I have to head to my local bead shop or craft store and perhaps find a perfect fiber to use...  Just not sure yet

Time to run... Last day at the office for the week then it is all art all the time!
I am working on making a dinner set for my cousin's wedding gift.  Soup bowls, Dinner plates, Salad Plates, Mugs, oh my!  My studio is full of pots!  my toes are splashed with clay!  It is a tricky project for me, since I'm not usually a pottery making potter.  wish me luck!


  1. Thanks for showcasing my work Kristie. Our beads do look great together. I had so much fun designing with your lovely pendants.

    Can't wait to see what you make - have fun!

  2. I particularly love the purple one and am trying to use the power of mind control over the miles to get her to send it to me, LOL! :-)

  3. Gorgeous....I am loving bouncing from blog-to-blog of creativity during the bead soup postings. Thanks for being involved and for taking the time to share it with the rest of us!


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