Friday, June 4, 2010

I've got mail!

I received my package of Humblebeads from Heather Powers last week!
Oh Boy!  I lucked out big time! 
What a gorgeous pile of beads!  I have no idea how to start.  Usually I am a fan of the mental know look at beads, day dream for a week about possible connection points, pull out all possible findings and whip it together.  I don't think that approach is going to cut it this time.  There are just too many beads and too many possibilities!  I am going to have to actually take out a piece of paper.  GASP!    Ha!  Whenever I grab the sketchbook I am reminded of why I never thought I could get anywhere as an artist when I was a youngster. 
How could a person make art when they can't draw worth a darn?  
A ha! The mental sketchbook was born.  I discovered that my brain makes it's own drawings... and I can follow them just as well as an actual drawing.  Sometimes I feel like an engineer.  I'm always working out a construction project, be it wearable or be it with wood and nails....  Laying on my pillow planning my next big project into the night. ;-)
On second thought, I think I may arrange the beads in different ways and photograph the options and pick out my favorites before I put it together.

What about you?  Do you sketch out your designs?   Do you have a design method???  A plan of action?

PS--I blogged about the bead soup blog party on the beads of clay blog today.  What's in the soup?--


  1. wow these are a crazy wonderful bead could make lots of pieces out of heathers work..

  2. Oh did luck out. Heather makes gorgeous things. I know that this will be great soup to sample! I might want a second helping!
    I do sometimes sketch. I bought a great pocket sketchbook that I carry in my purse but don't use as much. I think I need to start doing this daily. I am, however, having to sketch my designs for my show becuase of the sheer number and the compressed time I have to get it all done. Maybe I will share some of them on my journey! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Enjoy the day!

  3. Wow she sent you a whopper load! Really wonderful things you can do! So much room for more than one necklace!

  4. These are so beautiful! Oh, the possibilities.

    I like to lay them out and play first. Then I try different layouts and leave/come back to them several times. Eventually I end up with something that I really like. In fact, my soup ingredients are sitting on my work table as we speak! :)

  5. WOnderful, your soup is wonderful! regards Stefanie

  6. Those are AWESOME! You lucky girl!

  7. Awesome beads!

    I can't draw worth a hoot, so I would never start if I had to sketch. I did try sketching for a while but it made me restless. I was too impatient to find out if my ideas would work, mainly because I needed to see everything in real life to check the scale. Instead, I lay them out on my work table and rearrange for my "sketch."


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