Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Weekend catch up

I know! It's Wednesday and I'm still catching up on the events of the holiday weekend. Sometimes that's just the way I roll.
Saturday I was able to take a class at my local Bead Shop My Father's Beads in Coopersburg, Pa. I learned bead crochet and realized what I suspected, I'm not going to use it in a traditional way very much. It is such a beautiful way to make a beaded rope, but my left handed- right handed stitch takes way too much time. I didn't realize until this class that even though I use my left hand to crochet, I cross back over myself for every stitch and crochet right handed. Hmm? I think I'll leave it for the experts. Anyway, I left behind a big big selection of beads and pendants in the form of a trunk show so if you are in the area, check it out!
After class I was able to meet up with my friend Janine and run out to the lake before sunset. We discovered that someone else is on to my favorite wild mushroom patch and she got them all before we arrived! She told us. I said a sad goodbye to summer and mourned the loss of the sun and all the green that cheers me up so much all summer long.
Monday was spent outside smokefiring with my new kumihimo braiding disk and the family. The Smokefiring was great, and I was able to reproduce that wonderful light grey/brown striping that was so popular at Bead Fest last month. I worked on restocking some smaller rounds and cylanders. I still need to polish those before adding them to the etsy shop so keep checking back.
I love my new kumihimo disk. Jeri at the Bead Shop kept telling me how meditative kumihimo braiding is and now I know why. The only problem is--I can't seem to make two braids exactly alike and if I leave the braid and come back- it changes. The tension and rhythm is so important. Fast-slow-tense-relaxed, it all seems to make a different looking braid. It's fun though and I think I will love learning as many possibilities as I can for a very long time. It seems like it's kind of popular, anyone else Kumihimo?
How was your weekend?

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