Thursday, September 10, 2009

A question???

Hey all you beady buddies! I am considering dividing my etsy shop and having one jewelry shop and one supply shop. What do you think? It seems to me that a lot of bead makers have mixed shops, but I keep hearing a customer's voice saying that... she came to my shop looking for beads(cabs) and thought she was in the wrong place. Hmmm?
I would love to hear your experiences and advice. What do you think?


  1. definitely 2 separate shops. i like that idea. run with it.

  2. this is going to be mixed input... i like one shop with good categorical headings - that's the lazy part of me that when i am time crunched, doesn't want to have to 'do' extra... but - there are definite benefits to having 2 shops as they are more specific... i know i wasn't very helpful... i am sorry... i guess for people looking for finished work, it is better to have 2 shops... i think as i designer i am interested in seeing your finished work while i get to the components... but for those who aren't on etsy the way we are, perhaps having the 2 shops is better... ok, i declared myself after rambling... 2 shops!

  3. I did do what you are considering....seaurchin and seaurchinsupplies , butfound it too hard to keep up with both shops, more listing, more promoting, creating more items...also it takes a while to get a new shop noticed.
    I'm not saying no to two shops....just that you may find after a while you go back to one with categories, as I have done.


  4. I kind of like the mixture in one shop, myself, but I can see how that might be confusing to a customer who's strictly a "jewelry buyer" and never makes anything. Then again...are there any people like that out there? I find it so hard to imagine...

  5. I think that seeing your jewelry using your beads is probably a good thing for folks who are buying your beads. Does that make sense? As long as you keep your listings mixed so that no one page is only jewelry or only beads, I think you'll be fine with just artisanclay. Why complicate things if you don't need to?

  6. I like the idea of two shops, just make sure to cross reference like mad! But I also like the suggestions to have it well labeled in one shop. Having not sold anything on Etsy I would not know for sure, but if it makes your life easier, I think that whatever you decide is fine. I think that seeing the components is great, but sometimes I need to see how someone used it to spark my own ideas! Thanks for stopping by Treasures Found!
    Enjoy the day!


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