Monday, September 14, 2009

A little something just for me

I don't know what started it, but one day several months ago I found myself searching for a new bag. I thought my -older than dirt- brown leather bag just wasn't gonna do any more. I looked and looked and it seemed that nothing was cool enough, or as easy or natural enough to suit me and replace my old beat up brown bag. Then the moment. My bag rocks and it suits me fine! OK then-- I still wanted a little boost.
No new bag suited me, but some great Lisa Peters Art beads did!! I bought this sweet button to help me remember some of the positive things in life.... cause I'm the kind of girl who tends to dwell far too long in the darkness.... And what better to cheer me up than a sweet button made with loving hands by a great artist friend!


  1. So cool! I love your bag! It's great! And the additions are wonderful:)

  2. that is the best way to do it! i love your choices and decision to keep your old bag... lisa's button looks fabulous on there - like it was meant to be there all of the time... and i am a huge fan of visual positive affirmations!

  3. Kristie, I love what you did! It looks fabulous!


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