Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Disc Necklaces

What do you think? I've added two new necklaces to my etsy shop yesterday.
The first I am calling Fisherman's Net. It reminds me of the sea and beachy relaxation. I have knotted waxed linen, sodalite rounds and wood discs in a netted design for the length of the necklace.
I thought that for such an organic piece, that a simple clay bead and loop would make a fitting closure. To finish it off I added a sweet acorn charm by
I liked the blue piece so much that I went right into making one in browns. You know how I go crazy for those browns!
This one I call Walk in the Woods. This necklace reminds me of something a wood fairy might wear. Maybe while collecting wild mushrooms for dinner? Know anyone like that? I do!
The idea for these necklaces has been festering for a while. You can see it in the way I strung my disc bead strands for sale months ago. Like this
I am trying hard to get back in a jewelry making mode after being so focused on bead making for months. At the same time I am deep in the clay here at the studio. I want to get both fantastic beads and fantastic jewelry back in my etsy shop and site
How's everyone dealing with the change of season? Are you feeling it yet? We have gone through such change around our house these past couple of weeks, new job, new school, illness. I am feeling really happy to be getting slowly used to the new rhythm.


  1. cool necklaces and beads. I have one that is similar in design but with one round bead as the focal.
    My boys started school yesterday and I now have to get used to waking up at 6:30a.m., ouch!

  2. Very nice designs - I love the whole "tangled in a net" idea.

  3. i love these designs! and how you figured out how to balance the weight of the discs with the delicate & earthy double strands... really cool... definitely feeling the beginning of the seasonal change... we are lucky, it cooled off into the 70s and the kids got to go back to school in that weather, instead of the 90s of just last week... finding acorns on my morning walk...

  4. Oh boy! The mornings have been early and chilly around here.

    I like this new design. The knots are fun, but measuring them all takes some time. Maybe I can add it to my wholesale line? Maybe?

    Acorns! I love em! I'm gonna try to get out for a walk today :-)


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