Monday, June 22, 2009

A day of Smoke and Fun

I had a fun day today! The rain stopped and the sun came out and it was our day!
I have been dying to do a smoke fire for weeks... months... well I guess over a year, since I insisted on saving the cuttings from our apple tree 2 winter's ago.
I used to fire pottery this way pretty often. I had even built a kiln specifically for smoke firing large pots... but with super busy show schedules and the daily grind I hadn't done this kind of firing since we moved into our current home.
An amazing black Matt necklace from a very talented bead worker- MaryLou Holvenstot finally got me moving and the arrival of a perfectly timed package this morning got it done! Here's MaryLou's Work in progress-

I will get these donuts and beads listed in my etsy shop tomorrow afternoon, but I could not wait to share my excitement and some photos with you today!

I hope everyone had a great Father's Day Weekend!
I'm off to my Father-in-Laws right now for a BIG dinner!


  1. Wow, Kristie!! I don't think I've ever seen anything like those smoke-fired pieces. They're just the thing for someone like me whose favorite color is black... I'm glad I could help inspire!

    If you ever want to collaborate on something, let me know! I love your pieces; and now that I don't have the stationery part of my Etsy shop any more, I have more time for beads.


  2. they are gorgeous! my heart is racing a bit, am i too late on the last one shown? eek! :0)

  3. These are incredibly gorgeous pendants! I'm sure they'll do well. By the way, I've tagged you, so check my blog!

  4. Mary Lou-Oh Yay! I am making more beads in this style today! We should talk!

    Mary Jane- All yours! I reserved it for you in my shop. The last photo and the one above it are actually both sides of the same piece :-)

    Bellajoya-- :-) I'm going to check it out now!


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