Sunday, February 6, 2011


Contemplating things about my business this week.
Thinking on a new project- don't know where I found the energy for all the scheming, but I'm happy for it.
Ideas, plans, talking with friends-- if it goes nowhere, so what!  The scheming is dreamy, the doing is grand.  I'm not in a rush.  Enjoy
Planning a trip, too.
Spring is in the air, drip drop, thawing.  I saw some fresh green in a moss today.  The light is brighter.
Anyway-- I found this in the bottom of a warm kiln this morning.


  1. Soooooooo lovely! They sure brighten up a wintery landscape!!!

  2. I need to glaze tonight! These photos help kick me in the butt to get going.
    Love the way your post meanders through your thoughts...

  3. Oh Sparkly Goodness!!! Nothing wrong with dreaming and scheming ....that's the fun part! : )

  4. Kristie, You do such beautiful work. I am especially fond of the pieces with the blues and greens to them - with that darker edge! YUM!!!!
    I am a huge fan too of your smaller boat/seed pod oblong connector pieces. Haven't seen too many of those lately. There is just something special about those and how you can see your finger grooves in them…
    And also - whenever I think of you, I think of that darn carrot picture and crack up (like we're giggling about it together…). At least 10 times a day. Can't help myself. Gardening on my mind. Veggie garden = cucumbers and carrots = picturing that funny carrot...


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