Monday, February 14, 2011

BOC--Second Saturday State of your Studio

So-- yesterday was my birthday!  I had a blast!  My mom came over with 2 cakes.  2!  We ate sugary deliciousness after lunch and then I got back to work making some beads, and pendants, and a button or two... and something just for my enjoyment-- little barrettes!  Whooo hoo!  I LOVE my little barrettes!  I haven't made them in quite a few years.  I used to joke around. I love them so much that I would never offer them for sale.  They are perfect!  I used to say that only people I REALLY liked could have them.  yep, I'm not very nice sometimes   ;-)
This lovely lady hangs around with me in the studio.  It's a birthday card that my mom gave me a few years back.  I just love her!   She says "You're just starting to Blossom" 

This was the shipping situation this morning after some clean up.  I always seem to spill over onto the floor as well. 

I am sorry to be so Fast!  It seems to be the way.  If I'm not super fast blogging in a stolen minute, then I'm not blogging at all. I really wanted to add my studio post.  I think this is my 3rd month in a row. 
You can play along too!  You don't have to make clay beads to add your link to the blog!

While I'm talking about Beads-of-Clay---- there is going to be another Open Studio Blog event at the beginning of March.  As usual, something will probably come up and I will have to pre-schedule my posts again, but.... look forward to all the participants holding special sales and giveaways!  --- I will add a button to my blog, as soon as I can find a minute.

As for now, I'm off for a kindergarten Valentine's Day party!  Sugar!  Pink!  Whoo Hoo!  


  1. Happy Birthday! You and Kerry Bogert have the same birthday!

  2. Wow Cool! I'll have to check out my cosmic sister's work!

  3. Somehow I feel like I just ate some cake with you through all the pretty stuff & descriptions in your post… Happy Day After Your Birthday!!!

    I love seeing into your studio - naked beads in the works are SO cool!

    Thanks for the BOC extra plugs!!!


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