Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What's new?

I added a few new pieces to the etsy shop this week.  Three of the four pieces here sold the same night to facebook fans. 
The top left piece with three stinging loops is still in my shop here.
Orange and Black Set , Black and White single Medium Charm coming soon, Green and Brown set

I went to a really fun Halloween party this weekend.  Everyone had to dress like an old school photo.  It was SO funny!  Everyone has known each other a really long time, so we all could relax and really be goofy about it.  We ended up revisiting dance moves from school dance days and I laughed like an idiot so much and it felt so good.  My husband dressed up as his kindergarten photo and wore my Aunt Helen's blond wig to make up for missing hair ;-)   We had a drum major in uniform with a sparkly big stick, we had a soccer player in the actual shirt he wore in high school (that's pretty awesome! though uncomfortable) we had mullets and bead-dazzled jeans, crimped hair and a run on aqua net hair spray.  Pure Silliness!
I got my Thriller dance on~~ Which I REALLY really enjoy. 
Someone needs to take me out dancing.

Today I was a rock star since I was given the task of driving the delivery truck at my other job.  It's fun to drive the big flat back, flat front truck.....  I don't think I would like driving the bigger box truck that we have quite as much but I do love going out on deliveries.  And I think I'm pretty dang cool when I get to do it.  

I feel like I have gotten away from showing my personality here on the blog.... I've been kind-of nervous to show myself.  It seems like a lot of people are watching-- even when not a lot of people are commenting.  That makes me feel weird.  I wonder how many of you are nice and how many are critical....  I wonder what people think about my fragmented sentences and crazy ideas.  I don't know.   I really like fragments.   Blogger has been playing tricks on me too.  I really don't have the time to argue with blogger or try again later.   I've started adding picture mosaics since I have a lot of trouble getting individual photos to upload well.  So any who..... I feel like it is either stop doing it, or take it back as a place where I can be me. 

So there!  ;-)

What's new with you?  Did you go to any Halloween events?  Did you get to drive a big truck?
Do you still rock crimped hair?  and Keds.... with all you friends names written on them with puffy paint????


  1. I LOVE to see the personality of the bloggers I read. Otherwise it gets BO-ring! I didn't go to any fun Halloween parties or anything, but had fun anyway. And hell no I don't crimp my hair. I didn't like that look to begin with. LOL!

  2. LOL Jen! I totally rocked krimped hair back in the day.



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