Monday, November 8, 2010

Dante's Spirit Work in progress

I am SO excited about this work in progress by April --Dante's Spirit.
I have wanted to see my cabochons in a big art piece like this for SO LONG!
There are 6 Artisan Clay pieces here.  3 of my smallest dots, 2 in my small charm size and one in a pendant size.

Check out the Dante's Spirit Artfire shop to see some more wonderful finished work! 


  1. Very nice. You'll have to post the pic when its done. Looks like it will be a magnificent piece.

  2. Congratulations. It looks like it will be lovely.

  3. It's coming along nicely. One side in the dark grey is almost finished. I figured out the perfect piece for the clasp part too- a button by Lisa Peters Art.

    So I'll have TWO of my favorite handmade supplies artists in this piece.}:)

    I think by Friday, I'll have another update post up, as I *should* be ready to switch colors by then.}:P

  4. mmmmm.... Looking forward to see the final outcome!

  5. Her work is absolutely amazing! But so is yours. :-)


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