Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Yay! Picasa!

Ohh la la!  I just discovered Picasa thanks to a few awesome friends!  Thanks for the suggestion!
I finally added new work to my etsy shop this week.  All the items here were added to the shop and that pile in the middle is mostly for the upcoming charm swap organized by Jennifer Cameron aka Glass Addictions by Jennifer Cameron.  

I have been having a blast making these charm sets and then making some of them into earrings and some of them into pendants....  I hope you like them too!  I've already started to make another batch since I think they are going to sell really well in my consignment venues.

I also added 5 smoke fired pieces to the shop......  I think I love this picasa program!  Your gonna get sick of seeing everything in mosaic before I get sick of making them :-)


  1. The first picture would make an amazing business card.

  2. I literally could not function without Picasa...

  3. The mosaics on Picasa are my favorite thing.
    These look great! Enjoy the day!

  4. These look great! Very inviting and attractive!

  5. Thanks Marcie and Erin for suggesting the program! I am going to have fun with it!


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