Friday, September 3, 2010

Art Deco-And New work

Happy Labor Day weekend!
This morning I set out to start adding new work to my etsy shop again... I can't believe that I has been so long since I have been doing the etsy thing, but you know, time flys when you're having fun!
This morning I saw a post about the new Art Bead Scene monthly challenge....  Art Deco beads, I thought COOL!  I have some Art Deco inspired beads in my shop...  Whoops!  Not anymore!  All of them had long since left my shop and found new homes out in the world.

So, Instead of the pieces I had set out to list, I listed these Art Deco beads instead!

All of these pieces have stringing loops in different places. I see a lot of interesting stringing directions/ideas in these beads.

I am also having a Buy one Get one 50% off sale in my etsy shop this weekend. Just go though check out and I will refund half of the purchase price of the lower priced items  :-) 

I will also be adding more new work later today and throughout the weekend and if you would like to add things to your order over the weekend, I can invoice you when you are through shopping ...

Maybe we should call this the "Baby needs a new car" sale, lol... Oh my gosh!  It feels like I have been trying to find a good used car forever!  I am going to test drive one that I hope is "it" this weekend and I am a bit short on cash for the asking price....and I'm kind-of a buy it with cash kind-of girl.  But it is my "ideal car"  as far as my personal preferences go.  Wish me good car buying luck!  I need it!  This is tricky stuff!

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