Sunday, September 19, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Look at this mess! 
Can you feel it in the air?  The make is on!  The holidays are just around the corner for those of us who make handmade gifts.....  Are you feeling it too? 
I am happy to be swimming in ideas and struggling to get them made.  I set up a display at a new shop this week.  When I arrived the owner loved my work immediately and swooshed it right out front.  She wants a lot more and I couldn't be happier!  I am much better at making jewelry than selling it and I love when people are excited and want to do that for me.  

Right now I am firing the kiln with a pile of earring/charm sets so that I can add more to that store and possibly another one.....  and as long as I don't get greedy about it-- I think I will add more sets to my etsy shop.  The last sets went really fast.

This week I even went out to a handmade tile store and inquired about showing my work there....  It is possible to make things other than jewelry right???    I have a few really great tile designs that are doing nothing in my attic and I figure they might be happier in a tile showroom.  And I think I need to put my work out for the public more.  It find I make more time for dreaming up new ideas than for doing things with them once they have materialized.

I added this new cabochon to my store this week.  I REALLY love the color on this one!  It's my match for the Lagoon color that is "the season's hot color"   So I love it....  Would love to see it made into something really spectacular.....   Something I can't quite imagine myself :-)

I am really in love with this black center -bright outer thing.  I started going it for the fall/Halloween season and I think I will need to keep it up.  Sometimes I feel like I need to take photos of favorites and plaster the studio walls with them... It is a good idea.  I may have to do that now that I am in love with the picassa picture program.  There is something to be said about always making new ideas, but there is also something to be said for finding what works and not forgetting it. 

As long as I can make time for it today, I will be listing this donut in my etsy shop a little bit later.

And this one too--- First I need to clean house and studio because the pace of life has left a build up and it is keeping me from functioning efficiently--- (see messy desk above)-- and I even left out the messiest parts :-)


  1. Beautiful stuff ,I love youre work !!! Every piece is stunning

  2. Good for you! You are so talented and deserve all the success you have. I understand about messiness getting in the way of efficiency. It's a constant battle for me.

  3. well done, i'm not surprised she wanted loads of your stunning work, love these new pieces.

  4. Thanks Guys! It has been such a rush around few weeks. I always feel like I want to catch up on what happened in my posts but there is always too much going on to tell about it all. I still haven't even shared all the photos I wanted to share from my trip in April :-)


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