Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hiking the Grand Canyon--- Life is good!

Psst--- I drove a Porsche for the first time today. This is our ride. Nadine wasn't feeling well today, so it was just me and my backpack.
This was my first view of the Grand Canyon. These points have such a drop off! I walk fast, and I came in right at the points were you can hug the rail and look straight down.

That's when I decided that sitting down on the stairs and hugging a pole would be a good idea for a minute. At this area birds were zooming through the canyon. Dizzy ;-)

This is the area where I ate an apple and wrote postcards,

on this wonderful rock.

I took the Bright Angel trail. I said, "Canyon, could you please kick my XXX today?"
It did.
Here is part of the trail. I don't know if you can see any people, but they looked tiny over there!

This is part way down.

It was 1.5 miles to the rest area where I stopped. 1.5 miles doesn't sound far, but it was a trial timed at 1.5 to 3 hrs. I did it in 2.

Lowest spot I got to :-)

Pretty deep.

It was longer on the way up.

But I made it.
9 miles--Can you tell I'm tired?

6 miles were paved.


  1. Gorgeous shots...I bet there is a beautiful photo op at every turn there..... lucky, lucky you!! Enjoy!


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