Thursday, March 11, 2010

Now what?

Ok! I think I am feeling a bit better today. Yesterday I was able to pour the 2 molds that I have been trying to make for 2 weeks. I think my plaster troubles are solved. I was able to get my husband to pick up a fresh bag on Monday. It was crazy though. The president was visiting Arcadia University-- Right across the highway from the clay store. So a quick 2 block alteration to his truck route ended up taking him over an hour and a half. Yikes! I'm glad it's all done now. I get really frustrated when life gets in the way of my clay business plans.
I also re-ordered elements for my Kiln. This time I called Euclid's Elements and they seemed worlds more knowledgeable than the other 3 companies I was talking to.... Really. I hope they arrive today while I am working away from the studio, and that I can get them installed tomorrow.
I really wanted to get an entry made for the Bead Dreams Competition this year.... Last year clay was not ALLOWED to enter! Believe it! Anyway, there was so much hub-bub about it that this year there is a category for clay beads. I was mad about not being able to enter last year so I feel that I need to enter.... I don't think this category is going to last past this year. I don't think all the complainers will actually enter and there aren't really too many clay bead makers out there.... Probably not enough to make what is needed in entry fees to keep the category open. And my Kiln is broken, so I really want to fix it fast since the deadline is coming very quickly. Even if I do fix it in time, I will probably just have one or two firings before I run out of time. But at least I can know that I tried :-)
This weekend I have 3 events! Yeah! I am really excited. I hope to go to a sagger firing movie night, I still need a place for the kiddies for that one. My husband will go to a mushroom growing workshop on Saturday-- which was rescheduled from the blizzard 2 weeks ago. Shitake Mushroom Growing! We are so excited. On Sunday I have a workshop-- slip, terra sigilata, all kinds of slip techniques will be covered... I'll take pictures again :-)
Also I did make an example for the New section of the color challenge. I am going to blog about it tomorrow, along with the prize donated by Mary Harding. Sorry for the delay on that.
My friend Annie said something funny this week. Something like-- Life gives you lessons, This lesson is Kiln repair and maintenance. :-)
It feels like a time of gathering strength, so that when the spring comes I can run!
Ps. All the pendants pictured here are new to my etsy shop.
I hope you are having a great week! Spring has just about arrived in my part of the country. Mud is everywhere! I can't wait to plant the peas. Last year I was shivering and wearing gloves when I planted them. I loved it.


  1. What a great life lesson...kiln repair. :) Enjoy the beginning of will keep you motivated to get all the pieces done that need to get done. Then for some peas and quiet. Get it? haaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. Beautiful glass work on your clay beads! I have been thinking of trying this myself. Do you fire the beads onto the flay during the bisque fire or in a separate fire?


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