Monday, December 21, 2009

Something Different

I have been playing around with different shapes and surface designs lately.

I was playing around with different glazes. A lot of my work doesn't use glaze so this feels very different for me.
What do you think? I can't decide if I should glaze more or try smoke firing them.


  1. I really like that glaze - it is different from your other things.

  2. I really like them. If you tried to smoke fire them, would you do it over the glaze? Could you do it over the glaze? (I know nothing about smoke firing, heck, I don't know anything about firing!)

  3. Thanks Jewel!

    Good Question Marcie--
    The smoke colors bare clay only.
    The glaze seals the clay off from the smoke- imagine a glass candle holder that can be cleaned off. I wonder-maybe in the spring I can try some partially glazed-partially smoke fired pieces.

  4. i really do like these and i like the colors... so very beautiful... and so fun to see 'new' stuff! and before the holidays no less! impressive...

  5. These are beautiful. And I love that they have loops on them!

  6. I love the interaction between the glazes on these pieces. I especially like the oval piece.


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