Saturday, December 12, 2009

New Disc Beads in Store!

I added some new disc beads sets to my etsy store yesterday

They are the same kinds of beads that I have been using for these waxed linen necklaces.

Here is a cool Tan/Brown set in the waffle texture. The glaze is called Ox Blood, and my friend Delana gave me the recipe years ago.

Here is a fun necklace I made with the waffley beads... This has been a popular style of necklace for me since I came up with it a couple of months ago :-)

I also added these 2 sets of disc beads from my latest firing with a new clay... I absolutely LOVE these blue beads! Guess what? I made 2 sets, so I can offer up one for you, and keep one for me :-)
Bursts in Oatmeal
And last but not least, we have these fun Oatmeal Bursts. The design is really raised and I think I love it!
So I have been using these beads in 3's for larger necklaces and also making necklaces with a single bead. It has been really great that these single bead necklaces were such a hit at my show last weekend. I love mine. I wear it all the time.
Ok, I wanted to let you all know that these are available, I really like them a lot! Can you tell? They have been my favorite beads to work with for the past couple of months.
I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I am off to see a Magic show with my girls, then off to Aunt Robin's annual Holiday Ball! Fun day!

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