Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Working away

I have been working hard to get ready for Bead Fest Philly this month! Here is a shot of the weeks new work. I am trying hard to finish as much new work as I possibly can. The count down has begun and panic has set in! I hope to catch up on blogging about tons of wonderful jewelry by some very friendly artists who have used my pieces in their work before the show.
Gotta run!
Buzz..... I'm a busy bee.......


  1. Oh, Kristie! Everything looks perfectly delectable! :D You will have a brilliant success! Those colors will bring them in like kids to a candy store. Promise :D

  2. You'll do just fine. Don't freak out - you will have what you have. Selling out at a show isn't a bad thing... And too much can overwhelm buyers (I'm speaking from experience...).

    Your work is beautiful and will go over great! Don't forget to put your booth number into your blog posts about Bead Fest so people can make sure to find you!

  3. Look at all the pretties! Makes me wish I was going to this bead show!

  4. You guys sure know how to cheer a girl up! Thanks :-)

  5. yes, please leave your booth number... i am going to bead fest and am very excited to stop by your place... agree with marsha, no freaking out... and people are going to love what you bring - how could they not?! i am a bit biased, but even so...

  6. Thanks Mary Jane :-)

    I'm in booth 1346 on the concourse level.

    I think when my new bead trays arrive I will be able to make more sense of my mess and feel more ready. I had to make some display decisions today so that I can make "THE PLAN"

  7. Hey I can see my pendants from here! Kristie it was so nice meeting you (and hubby) on Saturday. I can't wait to sit down and create something with the pendants we bought. Thanks so much, they're just beautiful.

    Amy Kelsey


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