Thursday, August 6, 2009

So Cave woman!

SO... everybody loves the Art Bead Scene Blog, right? I do! Last month the monthly challenge was to create a pieces of jewelry inspired by the Lascaux Cave Paintings in France. I love it! Brown being my Absolutely Favorite color and primitive art another favorite, I jumped for joy!
I am so flattered that 5 entries in the Art bead Scene group Flickr pool included my beads!
First off we have MaryLou Holvenstot's Earthenwear. She made this bracelet for me to take along with me to Bead Fest Philly this month. It will be for sale at the show. The bracelet features one of my smoke fired barrels and MaryLou's fabulous bead crochet. ( I have been dying to get her to use one of my beads in her crochet for months!) check out MaryLou's shop here-

Next we have 3 entries by the super sweet and talented May Jane Dodd
first we have Peek- featuring one of my large smoke fired donuts and a smoke fired barrel bead.
check it out in her shop-- I love that wire!

Next We have On Your Sleeve- This fabulous bracelet has so many art beads from so many awesome bead makers! check it out!
raku ceramic beads from
smoke fired tube bead from
lampwork glass from
drilled beach stone from

Last from Mary Jane is this earthy bracelet featuring one of my oval connector beads. I really like the color of that glaze- Thanks to my friend Delana for the recipe!

And here we have my entry... It has more than 30 of my beads and I love it so much that I've kept it for myself! I wore it last weekend to a lovely garden party and received many compliments. Wonder what I am going to wear to the wedding this weekend? Hmmm? Maybe I'll just have to whip something up :-)
Happy Thursday Everyone!
I'm off to the studio.


  1. That is a huge compliment! Really great work from all! Love those smokey beads!

  2. thank you so much kristie for showing my work... your beads are so great to work with and really give a lot of room to flex one's creative muscles... the smoked beads are incredibly awesome - you know how much i love them!! your submission is so significant because there are so many beautiful art beads in it and i love your pendant... the crocheted bracelet is beautiful and should sell quickly at the show!

  3. What great use has been made of your wonderful beads! I particularly like the "On the sleeve" bracelet!

  4. Nice post. Lascaux’s rich inventory of art were the fine works of the Cro-magnon man. You can find most primitive lunar calendar ever created on the walls of the Lascaux Caves. You must see string of thirteen dots ending in a square shape that point out to the Moon’s half monthly cycle. The empty square represents the missing Moon. Chamber of Felines has an assortment of a seemingly smaller section of beautiful carvings and pictures. people are very much attracted to such work of art.


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