Thursday, July 9, 2009

Working on it

I have to admit that I have a pretty bad addiction with beads. How did I come to realize it? -you may ask... Well, I've broken a few pieces of furniture trying to hoard them all. Here is a shot of how my organization of "supplies" is going. I've been to Ikea so many times in the past month and I'm ready to go back yet again. I think I may be ready to decide on my desk top.
I love my new white drawer units! With so many drawers I have a different drawer for every color of gemstone complete with a color sticker on the outside to help me find it. A drawer for all my silver, tools, strings, envelopes and boxes, tissue and tape. I love it! My next job is figuring out a system for my trays of beads... I think I may use a couple of shoe shelves on top of my new desk space. Maybe a way to hang my clay bead strands??? We'll see! It is coming together slowly since I am also trying to gather tons of spectacular inventory for my Big show in August.
I hope you are having a great day!
More heavy lifting and clay for me today!


  1. wow... very impressively organized! it's hard, right? but you are doing a fabulous job... will certainly cut down on time searching for things...

  2. I have my pieces in egg cartons right now...I've been pondering the pendant dilema for a few months now...Really didn't want to get into a big expense. I have lots of black or wood jewelry/ring trays though. Just not sure how to use them...Pls show more pictures when your finished! Maybe I'll post the question on CAF...


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