Saturday, July 11, 2009

Etsy 200 surprises!!

Hi Everybody! Guess what! ...... I am really close to my 200th Etsy sale! Hooray!
To celebrate (and to hopefully reach it sooner) I am going to give a super surprise gift with every purchase up to 200 and a super duper big surprise gift for sale #200.
What will the gifts be? Hmmm, I think they will be fit for the purchase. So Buy jewelry - get a jewelry related surprise. Buy a pendant or beads- get coordinating gemstones or a sample of a different style of my handmade beads. I will have fun picking them out!
The super duper big surprise for sale #200-- I think I will send a piece of my pottery!
OK Ya'll --- Go for it!
I wanna start picking surprises!
Hope everyone is having a great day!
PS These smoke fired donuts were listed last night, and I will be listing some smoke fired barrel bead sets today in between tending today's smoke fire!


  1. Great!!!!

    :) Hope you keepon selling!

  2. ok, i don't have a shot at being #200 because i am going to have to get some of the tubes, pronto! i love the donut... and now with the donuts, i will be in designing nirvana... yay!


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