Friday, July 3, 2009

Fire, Friends and Food

An old friend of mine is visiting from Texas this week. We spent yesterday smokefiring beads at her family's home while getting ready for their big July 4th bash. This shot is of my "reduction chamber" LOL aka- The Box Charred to a crisp! Time with Debra always includes really rich food. Picking fresh black raspberries, unpronounceable goat cheese, lox, fancy meat grilled by at her brother's and ending with a fresh picked herbal tea with another friend.
I'm beat!
I can't wait to share my newly made beads! Pictures to come!


  1. I found you via Lorelei, I love your ceramic pieces, especially the simple pools of color.

  2. Thanks for checking me out! I love the jewelry Lorelei made with my beads! I'm a lucky girl! :-)


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