Friday, January 9, 2009


Today I am packing up my beads for the Beads of Clay and Ceramic Arts Forum winter swap. I have to say that I am A little disappointed on how they turned out! Previous pieces in this design have been well, a lot glitzier! Had I more time I would re-fire them.

I love these swaps! Sometimes a deadline is the only thing to get me out of a funk. Now since I'm not satisfied I'll make more until I think they are perfect. Just the kick in the pants I need!


  1. Awe, but they are still cute! I know what you mean about doing things til perfection.

  2. The theme for this swap was winter. I wanted to make pendants with the feel of iced pools. For that look the pieces must be full- overflowing with glass. The pendants did not have enough glass in them this first firing to achieve the look I was going for. (Sometimes I need to melt down the glass in order to make room for more to be added in the next firing) Unfortunately the real icy weather and snow kept giving me power outages and I could not fire up my kiln again before the swap deadline.


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