Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mousy Brown Me

I must be due. I was tagged twice in 24hrs. for the MeMe game! I have really enjoyed learning more about so many people. After all this sharing I may have to hide out for a while!
Here it goes:
1 I live with my two small daughters and husband.
2 We have 3 laying hens and a carnival goldfish named Goldie.
3 We are all waiting until I am old enough to get a dog.
4 I am as shy as can be.
5 I love brown and wear a hat with a brim.
6 I am constantly working on some new crazy project. See #8
7 I cannot eat in the dark.
8 I bought myself a handyman class for my birthday this year. (We’ll see how that goes)
9 I volunteer at two places every week.
10 I want to learn everything.


  1. Ooh, that's so cool! It must be awesome to have fresh eggs!

  2. Yes it is! It's even better when my husband cooks them!


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