Thursday, April 21, 2011

Button Swap Blog Hop!

She's Cute! 
Welcome to the my blog!
 My little starshine fell in love with the Super sparkly button that my partner Shannon For my Sweet Daughter sent me.  She begged me to make a necklace for her with it.....  She's the kind of girl who usually get's what she wants.

And it fits me to!  That's a bonus.
It's very simple-- but for a little girl, I didn't want to go too crazy.  Shannon said that her mother gave her this button and when I mentioned that my daughter was begging for a necklace, she said go for it!

And here is what I did with the other 3 buttons that Shannon sent me.  The ultra thin shell beads and the handmade ceramic dragon fly by beadfreaky on etsy seemed to fit perfectly with a little beady care package that my friend Staci- (Staci Louise Originals) dropped off for me a few months ago.  The style reminds me of Staci too.  Maybe because these are the style of stones that she likes to use in her work.
It just all jumped together in a few minutes.  It makes me feel like walking on the beach in a long cotton hippy skirt, yes it does :-)
I've been inspired to make quite a bit more buttons lately.  Here's all the buttons that I fired this Monday.  I like how they turned out and I will be making more!
Commenting on this blog post will get you a chance to win this lovely green and brown Button!

And there's more! Michelle Mach has a giveaway on her master blog hop blog.  Here's a few of her words on it--
You might also want to tell your readers about the giveaway--if readers comment on any (or all) blogs, they can win a set of buttons. The full rules will be on my blog, but basically, each comment on a different blog gets them one entry. So if they comment on all posts, that would be 25 entries! But if they comment 25 times on Lori's blog, that only counts as one entry! The giveaway is open to everyone.

Today I am actually spending in air travel to visit family for the Easter Holiday, so I will not be able to check out everyone's blogs or announce a winner until next week sometime.... you'll have to check back- I'm not going ot pin it down, since I have so many obligations next week... but be sure I'll announce it and contact the winner shortly.


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Thanks for coming!


  1. Your daugther has good taste - the sparkely button made an awesome necklace =)

  2. What adorable pictures of your daughter. Her necklace turned out lovely. I love the second necklace--more my style and the button your made are awesome! Enjoy your Easter holidays!

  3. I'm still the faces! Her necklace is mother like daughter~ BTW...I walk with you on the beach! Love the earthy piece too...happy and safe travels~

  4. I love what you have done with the buttons. Always thinking out of the box you are my friend. I would never have thought to use them that way.
    I love your little model and all her expressions ;-) I am thrilled she liked the sparkly button necklace you made. The really cool part is that because of the way you used it it doesn't even look like a button!

  5. Your girl is a sweetie, and her facial expressions made me smile!

    I love both of your creations, but the beachy one has to be my favorite.

    Thanks for the chance to win one of your own lovely beads!

  6. What a sweetie and your pieces are sooo pretty!

  7. LOVE the necklaces but oh I so want that beachy one! And your new buttons you're making -- soooo much awesome there I can hardly stand it.

  8. The necklace is cute! And I still love all of the new buttons. Have a good holiday. :)

  9. What a cute necklace for your daughter. And I LOVE what you did with the other buttons. That necklace is gorgeous. Plus you've got some great new buttons you made.

  10. That beachy necklace is so cool - really love it.

  11. I have a daughter who loves to "share" too :-) I love the chunky look of that necklace you made! You did great work with the nice beads you got :-)

  12. Pretty necklace, pretty child.

    Love the beige necklace, great textures,

  13. I am totally IN LOVE with that chunky necklace, it looks fab tucked up close on the neck inside that equally chunky blue sweater. Fantastic creations!!!

  14. Your daughter is adorable, your necklaces are fabulous, and the green button you are giving away is beautiful.
    Thank you for the chance to win - I've got my fingers crossed!!

  15. I love what you made for your daughter! No doubt she will cherish this forever :-)

  16. Goodness gracious! Both of those 'button' necklaces are beautiful! You've got one lucky little girl!

  17. Very pretty - you have one lucky little girl! I love your buttons too!

  18. Love the necklace you made for your daughter. She does have good taste! She'll be the envy of everyone on the playground! I like your other necklace too--that seems more like the kind of piece I would wear.

    I'm glad to see you're making more buttons! Thanks for joining the swap.

  19. Your daughter looks very pleased with her new necklace. :) I really love the natural look in your second piece. Beautiful!

  20. I love that she smiled so sweetly for the picture and wow I love what you did with Shannon's buttons.

    Oh you also have a new follower because your creations are OUTSTANDING!

  21. What a little cutie you had as your muse for the first necklace! And the chunky necklace you made with the others is pretty darned cool, too. Love your work...

  22. Your model is gorgeous! I'm with her, that's a great button for a necklace. I love the second one too. Two completely different looks, and both awesome. Gotta go check out your buttons too. That green one is a stunner!

  23. I live the beachy one and the one for your lovely daughter is simple but elegant.

  24. Great necklaces!! I love your ceramic buttons too!

  25. Cute necklace! Those ceramic buttons are so cool.

  26. Those picturs of your daughter are priceless! What a beautiful girly girl and the necklace seems just right for her!

    And I just love the beach, hot sand in between the toes, salty air....I need a vacation now!

  27. Love the necklaces! Your daughter is a cutey and wears hers well! The beachy one is awesome too. Love the button you made!

  28. Love the necklaces, especially the shell. Lovely little daughter too. Hope you have a fun and safe Easter trip!

  29. What a cutie your daughter is! I love the shell piece and yes, it reminds me of walking on the beach back in my hippie days in Southern California. You make incredible buttons! Glad I hopped along to your blog.

  30. I'm really loving the hippy necklace! Your daughter is lovely - even making faces!!!

  31. Your daughter is so cool even making faces and the jewelry your made with those buttons are just great. Have a safe travel. Love your hand made buttons. Dita.

  32. The necklace is beautiful but the daughter is just too cute. Be Blessed

  33. Both pieces are lovely. The necklace for your daughter is very precious. And she certainly deserves it. Adorable!

  34. I love what you did with your button hop buttons. Great designs.

  35. I really enjoyed your button swap post! Starting with your sweet little daughter...loved all of the silly pictures and also the fact that you made a necklace that you both can share! It is really pretty!
    Your own buttons are really incredible. I've always admired your work. I hope you had a great Easter and safe travels over the weekend.

  36. ...i see your daughter isnt camera shy LOL very nice work.. mitz_zee@yahoodotcom

  37. Your model is a doll. And your creations are top notch! I love the one with the shells. Like they tumbled up out of the surf. Thanks for sharing, and sorry that I am so late to the party!
    Enjoy the day!
    P.S. Your new buttons are so cool!


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