Wednesday, January 12, 2011

State of your studio--(BOC second Saturday---or after)

Hey!  It's Second Saturday State of your Studio time again!  You actually have @ a month to post a photo of the state of your studio.... Just in case you want to play along.  Marsha Neal Minutella does a blog post on the Beads-of-clay blog every month and anyone who wants to can post a link to their State of Your Studio Blog post.  You should check it out!  It is fun to see what everyone is up to!

Last night I was making what seems like a million little heart charms.  I added some Heart Charm sets to my etsy shop this week and they seem to be really popular... So I got some special requests for more.  I had made them in the first place as a donation for the Beads-of-Courage organization, since I became aware that they use purple and red heart beads for their patients.   SO I since they were popular and since Beads-of-courage probably could use some more... I started a new batch.  It's a big batch so that I can donate some and add some to etsy and maybe add some to a local trunk show.
Here's a shot of everything I have added to the etsy shop in the past couple of days.
Also hanging around the studio is a T-shirt project I am working up for my Girl Scout troop.  This shirt has gold glitter on a green shirt.  I like it!  I am torn over what exactly to do with them for their T-shirts.  I want them all to have cool looking shirts, but I want them all to be able to feel like they have design control, and maybe that means letting them go at shirts with fabric paint in as they wish.  I just don't think that they will all have cool looking shirts that way ;-(

Oh yeah and there is a hat project too....   Of course I have ideas...  too many ideas?  sheesh!


  1. This reminds me to do my State Of Your Studio blog too--I almost forgot! I can hardly wait to get my hearts!

  2. I really like your hearts. I also wanted to give you a link to a post I did about my daughters painting their t shirts. They had a great time! It's messy, but good results. If you want to read the post you can find it here...


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