Thursday, February 26, 2009

Some friendly folks featured me in their Treasuries!

Maybe if I gave my husband this Silver Skull and Crossbones Medium Dog Collar by Blingforbowwow He would finally let us go find the "manly dog" this family of 3 girls has begged for!

Blingforbowwow was so kind to include my Calm Water Necklace in her Blues and Hues Treasury this week!

Here is a great set By Lovelandshadetree Tropical Kiss Crystal Earrings and the matching Tropical Breeze Necklace

Lovelandshadetree was so kind as to include my Ring of Fire Donut in her Hot and Colorful treasury of the same name!
FYI This treasury post is modelled after the wonderful posts Of Carol Dean Sharpe Aka Sandfibers and
I think it is a wonderful idea to thank the individuals who have featured me in their treasuries by featuring their sites here!


  1. Thank you for putting my collar on your blog!!! Your work is amazing!

    -Kendra of

  2. Congratulations....those treasuries are beautiful and your pieces are perfect for them.

  3. I'm so glad you've decided to do this. It's a time commitment, but it's really worth it :)


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