Friday, February 12, 2016

We'll see where it takes us-- new/old kinda life

 Oh boy-- It's been a while.  It was 6 years ago when I was last a full time artist/designer.  It really seems like some things have changed and some things remain the same. 
 For the last 4 weeks, I have been offering my beads via Facebook more so than via Etsy.  I hadn't really paid much attention to the changes that Etsy was making in it's policy, but I can see that a lot of the Art Bead jewelry designers are not happy and have been leaving in droves.
 I like the new system that I see.  It feels to me like the artists are taking back the power that they had given to Etsy Admin along with their hard earned money. 
 Some things remain the same and I'm really happy about that.  I feel like I've been welcomed back into a great group of friends that I missed very much.  It's exciting to see how Artists that I call friends have done such a wonderful job establishing themselves.... winning awards... and supporting each other.
 So-- I'm going to try to return to my Artistic diary-- AKA this blog and share with you and share with myself a record of my trials and tribulations reentering this Artistic life.  I promise myself to be honest and real-- if you want-- come along for the ride.  I will be adding things to my Etsy shop as I can, but please-- follow my Artisan Clay Facebook page if you would like first pick of my new beads as I make them available.
The above photos are some 48 hour listings that I posted this morning on Ceramic Art Bead Market group on facebook.   xoxox--Kristie

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