Thursday, February 23, 2012

February Artisan Clay Design Team Reveal!

Can you feel the spring coming?  I can feel it on my skin and in the light and in the mud. The kids and I visited my Dad and family in Kansas City last weekend.  The travel is on.  I catch it every spring.

My birthday was last week. I usually make a point to have a February picnic and announce the ending of winter and pronounce it officially spring.  Some years I have found myself at a frozen lake, clearing snow from picnic tables and allowing the strengthening sun to warm the bits of my face that peek out between my hood and scarf.  This year, winter never seemed to come.  I usually enjoy a few "snow ins" with my work.... I was looking for it.  I suppose we did get a few "flood ins" in the late summer and early fall though... I enjoy the times that mother nature holds me in from my wondering.  I need it sometimes. Left on my own, I think I could blow anywhere the wind will take me.... following the breeze and the season...

The past year has been a crazy ride.  Many of you have told me how happy you find me. I have been happy.  I seem to be on some kind of high, and I hope to not fall too hard when I come down.  I have found myself wondering how I could possibly be so lucky.  Job, family, friends, support, challenge, comfort... I feel like I have it all. Sometimes I don't want to believe it and I arm myself for the fall... but it hasn't come yet.  I choose my reality. ?Right?  I choose happy.  I want to remember to keep choosing happy.....I seems "unhappy" got more beads made :-)  But the priority had to be mine and my children's mental health, so bead business slacker, happy Kristie, happy babies, it has been.

Having recently separated from my husband, (I don't think I have said those words here before-I know my husband reads the blog as well as members of his family) my family was been amazing at showing me love on my birthday this year. My brother made sure that I had company to go out dancing on the weekend and then took me and the kids, my parents and his girlfriend and her son out to Hibachi Show. The kids love that place.... their laughs warmed me so much...the egg tricks and the onion mountain get them rolling every time.... I felt so warm throughout the whole weekend.

Enough with my annual, birthday, life flashing before me, post.(which historically has had it's very own entry--did I mention the slacking?)..
it's design team day..... 
The picture above shows my necklace project. As soon as I went to photograph it, I realized that it matched one of the new dresses I picked up for myself for my birthday... I am pushing summer along and a $20 bill got me a few new sundresses at the Salvation Amy... I will wear them with cardigans and tights until the temperature in my super heated office allows me to wear dresses everyday.

Here is the necklace long.  I intended to make a long necklace, one to play with....dangle in my hands when I talk and swing from side to side....don't you play with your jewelry?  Isn't that the point of wearing it?.... anyway, most of the jewelry I make these days is for myself and I tend to wear really short @15"necklaces... so I made this one so that I can pinch it short close to my neck or wear it long.  I am always doing that... making things with dual purpose....
The frosted glass ring is from Glass Garden Beads and I picked it up at Bead Fest Philly last August.  I really love them!  I have a few more and I can't get enough.  I love how they are glass colored, bright candy colors yet frosted and slightly mis-shapen which to me takes the manufactured edge off and gives me a more natural feeling.  I love how the colors and the circle shapes work with the glass fused beads that I make.

I used a jumbo chain link, a flower cap and a upwards flying bird to make a simple and playful piece.  Every part moves and I can turn the glass ring around the chain link and admire the bird and the flower as I wear it....
I forgot to take a picture of the charm sets before I sent them out to the design team, but here are some examples of charm sets made into simple earrings.  I really love the versatility of the two sizes of charms that I make. 

I am only 4 sales away from my 800th etsy sale... wow!  I am always shocked at the awesomeness of ----->  YOU!  my wonderful customers and friends... How do we do this?  I love it.  I make the things, you like the things, I mail them to you, I make more.  It's a great deal.  I certainly can't stop making them, and I am so glad that you like them and take them and love them.... So  THANK YOU!  yet again for another 100 sales and as always, whomever purchases the item that makes my little counter hit the even 100, will get a super special surprise of my choice in the mail... and those of you who have received super special surprises from me in the past, know that it could be nearly anything... but typically something I have made myself.

I am participating in the Bead Soup Blog week?  so stop back for that!

And now----- Drum roll please!!!!
Follow the links below to check out what the design team has made with their challenge beads!


  1. Kristie, its lovely! And its so nice to hear what you have been up to. It has been a crazy year for you, thinking back to Berks this time last year. I have a great blog post to share with you about birthdays from a friend. I think you will like it. Happy Spring!

  2. Congratulations on the sale! And I'm glad you're doing well and that you and your kids are happy. Enjoy the weekend and I hope Spring comes early for you!

    1. Thanks Marcie! It's already here... the ice cream shop's sign says that it will open March 15th and the ice skating pond is drained. Happy Spring!

  3. You're an amazing artist! I love that green. And all those earrings too! Must check out your successful ETSY shop!

    1. Thank you Sandra! Boy! If you would have told me that I would be looking at my 800th sale when I was first logging onto etsy years ago and then when I logged back on years later and decided to actually put product in the store... I would have called you a dreamer :-) It is such a great community!

  4. What a great necklace! I love the ring around your component and the little bird all set to fly. And yes, I do play with my jewelry! Happy birthday wishes to you! Kudos to you for being such a positive soul despite the obvious challenge of your relationship. That is a blessing for you, your husband and your children. Find your something good today!
    Enjoy the day.

  5. I can also feel the spring around and the vibrant colours that are in the nature are all again touching us in every little way.This is a beautiful and vibrant green after all.

    1. Thank you! I wore the necklace today and it is just a bright fun plaything! I love spring!

  6. very cool necklace. I always play with my jewelry. Thanks for hosting another hop :-)

  7. Gorgeous designs as always! I love how your necklace has the length options.

    I'm so glad that you had a good birthday. Best of luck with everything.


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