Friday, May 27, 2011

Design Team Reveal Blog Hop!

I am very excited to announce the second Artisan Clay Design Team Challenge Blog Hop!

This month I decided to send each member one of the styles that I have made quite frequently this past year. The photo above is what I sent. In making these pieces, it has been all about the color. I have been dying to see them in action.
 Now for the Reveal!
This is the necklace I made for this month's challenge.  I made it for my darling friend Debra's, Aunt Bonnie, who is letting me stay at her house during my trip to Oregon (today)
Bonnie likes blues and greens and I wanted to try to mix the smooth brightly colored glossy glass surface with the Matt wood and stone beads and natural fibers (waxed linen)
It was tricky for me.  I always want to pair the glass pieces in sleek contemporary designs apposed to my stoneware pieces which I use in rougher natural styles.
Here are a few more examples of how I have used this style of bead in the past...
It makes a really fun earring.
The pools of glass fracture light and can sometimes glow.
Clean and fresh
And feminine

So.... many of you know that I have been traveling.  I ended up being quite mixed up in my arrival.  I slept in Gate 78 at San Francisco Airport Wednesday night and arrived in Oregon 12 hours later than expected.  So.... I only just now was able to get this blog post up... A little late....

I am having such a wonderful time!  It turns out that a second friend of mine lives here too!   Our planned camping trip for the weekend is looking like it will be a big party.  I will post photos a little later.  There were actually photos taken of me yesterday that I will make disappear...
We'll talk about that later...
I am thinking of blogging my trip photos as a way of recording them for myself.  I hope you don't get too bored of it.

Check out all the goodies that the design team has come up with.


  1. Gorgeous necklace! I will check the rest out for sure!

  2. I just love these, Kristie! I have been hoarding mine for far too long. I can gaze at the mesmerizing colors that fractured glass gives off for hours! Your Design Team has been rocking it, especially what Staci made. Brilliant!
    Enjoy the day!

  3. I love what you did - the necklace is fantastic!

  4. Beautiful necklace! I especially love the unexpected use of the browns here. :D

  5. Thank you All!

    There was a dip of rusty brown in this charm that I wanted to show off.

    Above should read--
    "There were actually photos taken of me yesterday that I will NOT make disappear..."
    Artisan Clay

  6. I love these they are like little tide pools.
    Love the factures sparkle too!

    Patty mylifeunderthebus

  7. Thanks for getting this posted even on your vacation! Loved working with your pieces (do I need to even say that anymore?!) Thank you kristie!

  8. Oh these are all so lovely! Beautiful components (to start with) = beautiful jewelry!!!


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