Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hello out there in Blogland!

Oh Boy, It's been a while! Where have I been?
Everywhere, nowhere, here all along. I've had a week and a half of major computer troubles, but that's all over now. I am so happy!
I have certainly been working away; lots of fun projects! I have even made some of my favorite bonsai pots, and tea bowls. Yes I do sometimes make pottery! I have also made a bunch of beads since a good friend pointed out that I have been up until now hoarding all my beads for my own designs. She also reminded me of a few my older designs which I haven't made in a while. She certainly likes that I have switched gears towards offering more handmade supplies, and I love being reminded of old favorites. Happy weekend all! Happy Spring!

I have lots of blogging to catch up on, so look out!


  1. Welcome back, Kristie :D I'm so glad you finally got all those internet issues resolved.

  2. Welcome back...sounds like you have been quite busy.


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