Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Fall Tradition ;-)

We are big gardeners around here. 
So fall means getting the last veggies from the garden and getting it ready for the winter.

Here is Mr. Carrot!  We found him this week while pulling carrots for dinner.
He's been spared and it hanging out on the windowsill for a few days since he makes us smile :-)

My Favorite fall food is Pea Soup.  I absolutely LOVE pea soup!

I make it in a crock pot and don't have to worry about it at all.  All the ingredients are ones that I always keep on hand.  I don't use a recipe.

I add these things to a 4.5 quart crock pot.
Potatoes, Carrots, Chopped Onion
1 pound dry green split peas
Soup stock or Dry bouillon and water to fill pot
Salt, Garlic and 3-5 Bay Leaves

Cook on High until vegetables are tender.  Remove Bay leaves and enjoy!

Thanks for coming to our open studio!

Here is the link back to the BOC participants page--


Giveaway #2

 Leave a comment below for a chance to win this three loop art bead :-)

Here is the link back to the BOC participants page--

Into the Studio!

The Grape-vined Kiln shed
Oh boy! I think this is where I out myself as a really big creative hoarder!
This place is a mess.
Here are some shots of inside the shed.  Shelves and Bisque and bits of glass.

And this is my bead storage area inside the main house.  So many drawers!  So many beads!
And this pile is the Sisterhood of the Traveling beads box.  I don't know how I am going to fit that all into the box.....  But I am going to try my best!
Around my desk I have all these little "project bowls"  little ideas I want to remember, beads I want to use together.... bead I made in similar styles, necklaces to finish for the next time I restock a shop... It's a mess!  Too many ideas, Too little time!
This is the center of my desk.  It's the actual space for current projects.  This is the place where I can see things and let them simmer into finished ideas.  Today current means within the last month-- I can hardly beleive it!  Life is full and life is fun!

 Lets start at the center of this mess and go counter clockwise.  This week I got my first beads from Kelleysbeads.  They are black and turquoise spotted.  I think they might work really well with the charm sets I have decided to keep for myself.  They have only been there for a day or so.

Also in the center are some Humblebeads~~ they are the same turquoise color as my charms as well.

Next we have a nice bag of beads from Bisque Bead Supply.  They have been here almost 2 weeks.  I thought I was going to be able to fire them up this weekend.... Doesn't look like it's going to happen.  Because I want to fire some pots at the same time and they are not yet ready.  Maybe next week :-)

Next we have a beautiful pair of earrings that my 5 year old daughter Sonya made for me.  I just love when she says " Ah ha! Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute, I have an IDEA!"    and if you ask her.... I never share enough of my beads.  And if you ask me, I don't know another 5 year old with a collection nearly as big as hers.

Then we have some other bead I have saved for projects and two unfinished link bead bracelets.   The link bracelets were something I was working on for a magazine deadline but nixed when my family needed my attention.
and all along the bottom I have the Fancy Donuts that I received as part of the Rings andThings Blog partner program.  Some will probably go for a giveaway and some will be made into jewelry that I will share here on the blog.  I think they have sat there for a week :-)

So that's my mess!  Are any of you like me?  I'm feeling embarrassed.  "Open studios" might not be for messy ladies like me.

The next giveaway is at 4pm.... as long as I scheduled my posts correctly :-)

Here is the link back to the BOC participants page--

Giveaway #1

Leave me a comment below to be entered to win this set of beads.

 Posies in my Ox Blood Glaze
Here is the link back to the BOC participants page--

Welcome to the Beads-of-Clay open Studio Blog event---(sort of)

Hello Friends!
Today I am playing along with the Beads-of-Clay Open Studio Blog event!
Welcome to my Studio!  It's a mess~~~~ But I love it that way! 

This is the Garden Shed that secretly carries enough electricity to power an entire house.  It is where I keep my kiln and firing tools :-)

This weekend everything in my Etsy Shop is marked down 40% off regular price. 
 I am feeling the glow of a good destash around here and I thought this open studio event would be a good opportunity to clean out my etsy shop as well.  So... Go shop!  and if you have been checking out that special something this is the time to buy it! 

I will not offer this high of a discount again this year.

Don't forget to check out the Beads-of-Clay blog for a list of all participating Open Studio artists.
Where my blog is not listed :-)

I have scheduled my blog posts to become live automatically since I am not actually able to be in the studio today.  Because I am not actually "live" I am not on the "Official list"  but I am super fond of the Beads-of-Clay Group and very much a part of it, so......... I decided to play along!   So I am doing the same schedule, giveaways ect, But I am not picking winners at the scheduled times.  I will pick giveaway winners on Monday --- cause I'm a rebel  like that :-)

Next up is a giveaway at  2:45pm :-)

Here is the link back to the BOC participants page--

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Open Studio Blog Party

I think I have set up all my posts for the Open Studio blog party to Automatically post at the correct time.....but I am not 100% sure. 

Everything in my etsy shop has been reduced by 40% off the regular price this weekend only.
Have Fun!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Who won?

First of all--- Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!

I started off by listing everyone's names on a big piece of paper, dividing up the international entries from the Bead Box entries.  We ended up with 41 comments for the bead box and 3 comments for the grab bag!  That's a lot of entries!

When I won the box, it happened at a time when the good news was plentiful.  I felt the beady world was smiling at me and I was smiling back.  I think that the Bead Box Goddesses sensed that again because my instant reaction to learning the winner was..... "Some girls have all the luck"

The next stop of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Beads Box is New York State and the home of Lorelei Eurto!  Congratulations Lorelei!   Katie Nelson stocked the box with TONS of Art beads from many different artists prior to my turn with it and now the box is HEAVY with Artisan Clay beads. 

The winner of the Artisan Clay Grab bag is Maria from Edinburgh, UK!
Maria--Please contact me via my  shop or send me an email thru blogger with your address

 I really enjoyed the freedom I felt by cleaning up and destashing my work area!  I get the feeling that there is still going to be tons of my beads in that box all the way to it's last stop..... which is OK if you like my work.

I feel like I am allowed to fire up some more beads now..... and make some new jewelry with my great new stuff!     I am free!  and inspired!  This is such a great idea!  I am so glad you started this Heather!

So... Thank you for stopping by!  and while I have you here, I'm going to let you know about some fun stuff that I am involved in :-)

A large group of Ceramic Bead Makers are having special sales and giveaways on their blogs and websites from 2-5pm!

I am not officially on the list since I will not be home on Sunday, BUT I am still going to be posting for the Open Studio and holding the same giveaways.  My winners will be chosen on Monday and my SALE is going on now thru Sunday.  

The destash feeling from the Bead Box is wonderful and I have decided to mark EVERYTHING in my Etsy shop at 40% off their regular prices!  I see some of you noticed the sale prices even before I got a chance to announce it :-)  Thank you!

I will be adding new work to my etsy shop over the weekend at the sale pricing and if all goes well I will be adding some WHOLESALE LOTS and GRAB BAGS as well :-) 

Last but not at all least--- Check out the Best Little Bead Box project and follow along on that bead box's travels before it is finally divided up to benefit Beads-of-Courage....  this week it is headed someplace pretty fancy if you ask me!

OK commercial over..... back to the beads :-)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sisterhood of the Traveling beads--- My gives, Round 2- The beads I make

I was able to take some quick photos early this morning as the sun was still coming up.
These are the bead I have gathered to give to the Traveling Bead Box.
These are all beads I have made, some experiments, orphans, some things I made over 5 years ago.
I could have really piled so many more beads in this pile.  It is a shame the way I pack things away and forget about them. They really deserve to be used!
I still haven't decided what I will be taking from the bead box, but Katie Nelson added so many fresh goodies that I am sure in for a treat.  In the event that I cannot fit all these lovelies in the box and in my international goodie bag, I will be adding them to the Best Little Bead Box Project to benefit the Beads-of-Courage organization late in the year.

I will be picking the winners tomorrow!  

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Show me your LOOT! Art Charm Swap

The AWESOME Jennifer Cameron recently hosted an Art Charm swap on her blog.
These are my goodies.
I tried to include each artist's contact info in each photo. 
 Here they are clockwise from top:

This bead is so tini tiny!  and so detailed! 
Everyone did such a good job!
I actually forgot to add a jumpring to my charms....Whoops!  So much for the reading rules.
Anywho--- get in on the next round of fun.
Jen is thinking of doing another swap. Check out her blog for more info

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Work

I added new work to my Etsy Shop last week. 

I also added these bead sets to my shop as part of a DESTASH SALE.  The prices listed are a steal!
Check it out.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sisterhood of the Traveling beads--My gives, Round 1

I went through my supply drawers last night and found several things to add to the Sisterhood of the Traveling Beads box.   Here is a dozen plus strands of stones.  I have many wood beads to add as well.

I found a ton of necklace cords and hair findings from my days doing a zillion art shows every year.  I really love these hair findings.  It took a while to find ones that were made well.....  and then I bought hundreds, because I sold so many pieces every year.   Now that I only do a few select shows, I do not need to keep so many.

 I also found a bag of ID badge holders/ badge reels--- There was a few years when it seemed that my entire family was graduating nursing school.  I made them each a pretty badge holder with one of my clay and glass cabochons and beaded necklaces for them.

I still have not gone through the dozens of trays of my own handmade beads...,  which will happen soon, but I am afraid that I will have to take A LOT from the box in order to fit all the things I want to add.  If it does not all fit I will need to save some things for the Best Little Bead Box Project

If you would like to have the Big Bead Box next, Please enter to win it on this past blog post titled GIVEAWAY.  The box is open to US residents only, but I will be giving a grab bag of my own Artisan Clay beads to one international winner so please enter anyway and let me know you are not in the US in your comment  :-)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Free Beading Pattern with an Artisan Clay Donut on!

Look at this great Beading pattern that Jennifer Vanbenschoten published today for!
That's one of my Donuts!   Whoot!  ~~We might be famous~~  ;-)

Are you a bead weaver????  Go check it out!  -- Peyote Stitch Bail Free Beading Pattern

Jen used some of my favorite colors to complete her project!   FYI-- That is one of my Large sized donuts.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sisterhood of the Traveling Beads Giveaway!

This is the post folks! This is the place where you can leave a comment and be entered for a chance to be the next person to win a turn with the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Beads"==== FYI~~~We're equal opportunity around here and brotherhood is ALWAYS welcome!

Here's the nitty gritty!
I'm going to be following Heather's lead and use the same rules.....So one international winner will be chosen from the entries placed from outside of the United States to win an Artisan Clay Grab Bag.... and sharing this blog post will get you an extra chance to win.

So here's the text from Heather's original blog post laying down the rules---

This is a box full of goodies from my studio purge.

One woman's tossed out beads is another woman's treasures!

The giveaway: The entire box of goodies, over $200 worth of beads.

The stipulations: You'll pay for shipping: $15 for flat rate priority mail.

The rules: You'll take what you want from the box, add in items from your own bead stash to replace the items you took and do the same giveaway on your blog. We'll keep the beads traveling for as long as we can.

To enter: Leave a comment, include your email.

Bonus: Blog, facebook or twitter about it to enter twice. Leave another comment letting me know you helped spread the word.

Deadline: March 26 at 12pm (Central time) 
I WILL CHOOSE A WINNER ON FRIDAY THE 22ND----That way the box is leaving my studio in time for the two week deadline

International bloggers: I'm sorry, but due to shipping only those in the U.S. can play along. But I'm suddenly feeling really bad for my non-U.S. blog readers. If you are outside the states leave a comment and I'll also draw one international winner for a bead grab bag from my Etsy shop.
So for my portion of the Bead Box, one Grab bag of Artisan Clay Beads will be awarded to an international entry (please let me know you are outside of the US in your comments)

I will be blogging more about the contents and the items I am adding to the box soon, but this is the only blog post where the winners will be chosen.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sisterhood of the Traveling Beads Giveaway........


Come on......   Take a guess what I'm about to say.......


Did you guess it yet?

Can you believe it?  I can't!  Have you been following this box's journey?  I have just been catching up on where it's been...  what's inside..... OH MY GOSH!

Have you been reading all the good news on my blog lately?  I feel like the Beady world is smiling at me with a big toothy grin and I'm smiling back and waving like crazy!   Hi There!!!!   ~waves~  :-)  
Thank you for being a friend!

I have still only seen the contents via the photos that other winners have taken.  It's not in my hands yet, but I have been warned that I need to take a good deal of loot from it~~~  Because it is nearly impossible to close!  and it's coming to me in two packages!

So, I just wanted to acknowledge winning the box and let you know that soon.... I don't know when...maybe Sunday.. maybe Monday.. (maybe later than that since I have to go away to a training next weekend).. I will be holding the giveaway to see who will have a turn with the box next.

I won the box from Katie Nelson and if you want, you can read the rules here, on the Humblebeads Blog

Look What Nadine Made!

Check out this awesome necklace by Nadine Peich! 
Nadine used 3 of my ceramic disc beads, some really cool brass rings and formed a chain with some moss agate(?) coins/hearts/tears?
Nadine has a jewlery supply and jewelry store on etsy and she is my Mother-in-Law :-)

Pssst~~~~ I just added some DESTASH SALE bead sets to my etsy shop :-)

Bisque Bead Supply!

Marla James from Marla's Mud and Bisque Bead Supply has asked me to try a few ideas with some of her bisque beads......
A great package arrived last week and I am dying to get some time to work with them. 
I'll post after pictures as soon as I am able to get them done :-)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I never thought it would happen to me!

Look at that!  I never thought it would happen.......  But it happened!
I was picked to be a Rings-n-Things Blog Partner! 

I am expecting a package of "stuff" from Dave one of these days~~~~ I'm so excited!
The mystery, The free stuff, No more jealous me :-)

The universe is sending me free beads from multiple directions...... must be time to make some more jewelry :-)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Thought I'd share......

Some Button Pictures with you!

These are the sew through buttons that I have on hand right now :-)
Took the photos for a certain special person ;-)

And thought I'd share with all you special people :-)
These are MOST of the shank buttons which I have right now.

I know I have a REALLY cool set of smaller brown ones around here somewhere....
but I might have hidden them from myself.....
And yes I do have a very blue finger....

October Art Bead Scene Prize

Hey guys!
I am donating this group of beads as a prize for this Month's Art Bead Scene Challenge :-)

If you ask me--- I think these pieces would really fit the inspiration painting

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Best Little Bead Box!

I am really excited to be a part of this project with a wonderful group of Artists! 
I am honored to be among them :-) 

I stole this from Carol Dean's Blog Post---
Please visit the project's blog for details. As a tease, I'll let you know that it involves

one very large box of beads

five generous donors

twelve wonderful beaders

one worthy cause

Saturday, October 2, 2010

What's new?

I added 3 new large smokefired donuts to my etsy shop this week.  I have photographed both sides for your viewing pleasure ;-)
So.... What's new? 
My super secret project is now unveiled and it has it's own blog~~~~The Best Little Bead Box.  I am tentatively scheduled to be the last artist in line with the box.....  ha ha makes me think that either I'm the anchor or .......  they don't think I will mail it out on time ;-)  Just kidding!!!  But they did give me extra days... Coincidence? lol  Some beadish super stars are involved......  It is some seriously good company!  You have to check it out!

Also I did get the giveaway post done for the Beads-of-Clay blog.  The winner will be posted next Friday.  3 artist beads are up for grabs and I am one of them :-)

The rains stopped and tonight I get to go out to a pumpkin patch and do the Hayride/Corn Maze/S'mores thing with my girls and @20 of their friends :-) 

And tomorrow I get to head out on the road with my daughters and my brother and put my Aunt Louise to rest.  We will be headed to Pittsburgh and meeting my father's side of the family there.  I didn't really know my Aunt Louise very well, but I hope to learn more about her at her farewell.

I hope the kids can handle themselves well away from home and at a funeral--- which they have never been to before---  I am looking forward to seeing my Dad and his wife and I am glad for a chance for the kids to see them as well.  My 5 year old can't remember him....  so it's definitely been too long :-)

Giveaway over on BOC

Hey guys!
I posted a giveaway over on the Beads-of-Clay blog yesterday~~~~ 
Hop on over and share your tips for dealing with Email overload and get your chance to win this beautiful Pendant as well as work from 2 additional Beads-of-Clay Artists!

Check this out! Xusah!

I just found a really cool Etsy Clothing Designer!
Here she is modeling one of her designs---  Xusah

Shanti and I met during our local Community Day.  I really love our Community Day.  Even though we live in a pretty conjested area of the country, we live in a small borough separate from the bigger town.  We have a small little borough of side walked streets and my home is backed by a farmers field.  During Community Day the entire town has a yard sale.  My younger daughter and I jumped on our 2 person bike and my older daughter jumped on her bike.  It turns out that Shanti's grandmother lives about a block away from us! 

Shanti liked my necklace and I liked the sweater that she was selling in the sale.  We got to talking about etsy and it turns out we both really like each other's shops! 
I think I'm going to get her to make me a Tunic,
one I can wear with Yoga pants and lounge out this winter :-)